Our Tale

About Resurrection Ranch

The Backstory

Growing up in Sonoma, CA, Jason trained at Masa’s in San Francisco at 16 years of age and moved on to work with such notables in the California food scene as Jeremiah Tower, Barbara Trop, and Wolfgang Puck.

Jason continued on with perfecting the art of food, even through higher education at UC Berkeley.  This is where Jason and Stacey (soon to be wife) met and fell in love, both with each other and organic, local food.

Jason’s accomplishments to follow included time at Foster’s Market, in Durham, North Carolina with notable contributions to the legacy that Sarah Foster established.

Greater accolades came with co-ownership of The Mad Hatter, also in Durham, North Carolina.  A breakfast, lunch and dinner establishment with full service bakery, The Mad Hatter succeeded in that now thriving food community when the food scene was only in its infancy.  With the Mad Hatter, Jason also had the experience of being a private chef to the Duke Blue Devil’s basketball team while having a second restaurant location on Duke’s campus.

Jason continued to grow his interest in the farm to table movement while in Knoxville, TN but was frustrated with the lack of control over acquiring quality ingredients when only involved in the “table” or restaurant aspect.


ResRanch Values

Certified organic by the State of Montana.

Supporting the restoration of traditional seed breeding.

Our goal is to ensure product quaility and sustainability.

We are committed to a humane and loving environment for our animals.

The Here And Now

With prayer, Jason and Stacey moved to The Big Belt Mountains of Montana to dive into the production aspect of organic food and chicken husbandry on their heavily wooded 160 acre ranch.  Resurrection Ranch was born in 2013.

Resurrection Ranch organic produce is grown in state of the art Westbrook commercial greenhouses.   The apex roof system, polycarbonate greenhouses are equipped with LED Lumigrow full spectrum lighting and rolling benches.   The grow house is more densely equipped with LED Lumigrow full spectrum lighting and the rolling benches utilize a boiler heated, undermount heating system for optimal seeding germination.  A large flock of chickens, which has free range to the ranch property for foraging and dirt baths, supplies quality fresh organic eggs. Their home is a clean, heated, humidity and ventilation controlled, LED Lumigrow lighted, 1200 sq foot structure with a south wall of glass.  Inside are pine shaving softened concrete floors, 20 foot tall tiered roosts on casters, and innumerable private nesting boxes. Foraging (by humans) forms a smaller but interesting aspect of the food supply.

Currently Resurrection Ranch is selling USDA certified organic, GMO free, local plants, produce (including microgreens) and eggs in the surrounding communities of Helena and Great Falls, Montana.  Jason, however, is also looking forward to opening the “table” aspect of the farm to table dream.

This restaurant, fueled by Resurrection Ranch product, will also include a cheesemaking facility and an onsite bakery to further our ability to present quality cuisine.  We at Resurrection Ranch look forward to the continually evolving opportunity to facilitate food joy and be a part of your favorite memories of food.

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